Cumberland Valley Retina Consultants is dedicated towards providing the finest care for our patients, including providing careful and thorough explanations of complex retinal diseases.  It is of utmost importance to us that our patients understand their disease process, the prognosis, and the various treatment options that we can offer.  This section of our website is provided for our patients to learn more about the various retinal diseases that we diagnose and treat.

The Retina

The retina is divided into two areas- the central area or "macula" and the peripheral retina.  The macula has the highest concentration of photoreceptor cones and provides the sharpest vision. We need our macula to read fine print and thread a needle.  The leading cause of blindness in the U.S., age-related macular degeneration, causes damage to the macula.

The peripheral retina is used for peripheral vision which is critical for many activities such as driving and playing sports.  A common disease of the peripheral retina is the retinal tear.  This can lead to a retinal detachment and loss of peripheral and ultimately central vision as well.


Eye Diseases

Cumberland Valley Retina Consultants is committed to providing our patients with the finest vitreoretinal care available which includes providing them with information on common retinal diseases. This page is dedicated to providing our patients with information on vitreoretinal diseases that we manage and treat.

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