About Us


About Us

Cumberland Valley Leader in Retinal and Macular Care

Cumberland Valley Retina Consultants (CVRC) is one of the most highly respected retinal and macular practices in the area. Our team of board-certified, retina fellowship trained physicians/surgeons and experienced staff are dedicated to helping you clearly understand your diagnosis and treatment options. Our goal is to bring unparalleled professional care and expertise locally to each of our five conveniently located offices



Our physicians are skilled in diagnosing and compassionate in treating the broad range of retinal and macular disorders.



What truly distinguishes CVRC is the vast experience of the retinal physicians and surgeons who practice here. The broad breadth of experiences and training allows patients to benefit from the regular and sustained collaboration the CVRC physicians have with each other.


Clinical research has been a critical component of CVRC since the practice opened close to 20 years ago. Our physicians have always been dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of retinal and macular diseases through investigative trials.